Directions of The Panagenics Line:

Step 1: conditioner

Ideally you put the conditioner in at night on a dry coat and leave it in, the ingredients are so good in the conditioner, the shampoo and the hydrating spray that you don’t want to dilute this, you want it full strength. Take the conditioner, put it in your hands and/or on a brush and massage it on the hair all the way down to the skin and again, ideally you would do this the night before the shampoo. The reason why I want to do this on a dry coat because most water will also be harmful for the hair/coat. The pH on the water is so high on the alkaline side that it actually will take the cuticles, soften them, lift them up and curl them which allows longer drying times because the cuticles become like velcro, it makes dull dingy coats because the cuticles are turn up instead of lying flat, all the colour is inside and it doesn’t allow that color to pop out. All these problems we have with matting, a long time to dry, dull dingy coats, staining are caused because the cuticles are lifted up, so they bring in the dirt inside the hair, urine stains, bacteria’s from tear stains or things like that, all these problems we have, you can eliminate that by you starting off with our conditioner as a foundation on the animals hair.

If you take a sponge that was dry and you poured colored water over that sponge, that sponge would soak up the colored water. That is the same thing with the hair/coat of an animal, if the hair is dehydrated, if it has urine or has bacteria from the tear stains or clay, dirt, mud or anything else, that’s going into the cortex and that’s the color that you going to have, so you are altering or losing your color now or instead of a bright paper white your having a dull dingy silvery looking color or a black or brown coat becomes looking pale or something like that.

If you take that same dry sponge and hydrate it first and then pour colored water over it then that colored water could not get inside. Why? The conditioner is going inside the hair and protecting that cortex from anything staining it and at the same time it is helping whiting the whites, blacking the blacks, redden the reds and you are going to see just beautiful deep rich colors or paperwhites from this point forward.
When you use the conditioner as a leave in it will also help prevent breaking the coat. The animals can go out and play, the animals can go swimming they can do the hydrotherapy, they can do all these things without you damaging the coat, if animals are laying down in runs or on concrete or on pie gravel or whatever and breaking those beautiful furnishings, you put the conditioner before they go play or before they going to lay down or before they go swimming and it will protect that coat so it doesn’t break and you can maintain that beautiful hair. Any coat? Yes, any coat! Most people with wire coated animals freak-out when you say the words shampoo, conditioner they want to hit you over the head. But not with this conditioner, here it is not going to soften that hair! With a traditional conditioner it goes over the top of the hair it coats, the hair and its coat will soften, this conditioner will not! The hair will still have beautiful texture. Put this on every night and it will not soften that coat. And the only way you’re going to believe this is if you actually do it yourself and that where it’s going to make a difference, now you have a tool that’s available to fix those problems. When you use the Panagenics conditioner you always apply on a dry coat, you can put up it every single night if you want and you find the more you use the better the coat will get. When your using it in conjunction with step 2 which is the regular shampoo, you can do it in a multiple number of ways. If you need to condition a coat quickly before a show, you would condition in the evening and leave in at night, then shampoo the next day and then rinse out, dry and repeat the process many times or as many times you need before the show, cause the more times you use Panagenics on your animal you will see the better the coat looks.
How much conditioner do I use, well that’s a direct proportion how dry and fried the coat is. Now if you going to condition a leather saddle or a leather seat, you put conditioner on that saddle and if it sooks it right up then you put more conditioner, so the same thing with this, you know, each animal is gone be soaking up a little different, you know some animals have a dryer coat some animals wont, same case with short coated animals. You can use this on animals and helping those creases get rid of all that discoloration in there, the sensitive areas, the guys/girls pie marks, on the feet, you know where they picking up discoloration there, use this at night.


Conditioner 500ml


Step 2: shampoo

The next day we will take the Panagenics regular shampoo and you apply this on the animals with a dry coat, right over the top of the conditioner, you don’t have to care how filthy, how greasy, how muddy that animal is, apply this on a dry coat and massage it all the way to the skin, now at this point you can go ahead. Leave it in for 20-25 minutes and rinse out all shampoo and the conditioner residue.
Most conditioners are something where you apply last that’s because they create that coating over the top, when you’re showing this animal and you’re conditioning this coat you don’t want any residue in this, you want to have a nice and squeaky clean coat, the conditioner is doing all the work internally, the shampoo makes sure there is nothing left on that coat.
Everything is the highest quality you can find as far as ingredients go, there is no dye there is no fragrance, there is very littletive any bubbles whatsoever so when you try to rinse this down the drain, it rinse it very easily.
Now which brings me to another point. If you been using a lot of products that were supposed to help that coat but that giving you some long term damage on there, like a lot of products that color a coat, will apply a tint in the cortex, give it some time to flush that tint out, like when you have a tint that make your animals black hair look really black, it is usually a reddish tint, so you’ll see that tint for a while, you got to work that out but when you use the conditioner, the shampoo and the hydrating spray. You’ll get the blackest black, the whitest white, the reddish red, without having to use any tints or anything like that.
The shampoo is also design to help lay the cuticle down which is going to give you better shine if the shine is that something in your animals breed standard, it’s not gone chance your breed standard, all these products are design to enhance the genetic quality of what your breed has, so for instance if you have an animal in the breed standard and says that the coat should not be shiny, this is not going to make your dog’s coat shiny, if you have an animal and you don’t want texture this is not going to add texture to that, if you have an animal and you don’t want to have a soft silky coat, this is not going to make you coat soft and silky, so you use the same techniques and it is the only product in the world where you can use the Panagenics conditioner, the Panagenics shampoo and then step 3 the Panagenics hydration spray and the texture crystals on any animal out there. It will not change or take away from the genetic quality of that animal. What’s genetically is in the animals coat it will appear after using The Panagenics line for a short while.


Shampoo 500ml



Shampoo 5Ltr can


Step 3: hydration spray

The hydration spray is something that you use at the end of your drying or any time you use a tool on your coat so a brush, a comb, a grooming stone, you know anything that your using, any kind of a tool you spray a light mist of the hydrating spray, now people want to overdo this, you don’t need to overdo this, a light little mist, brush, comb do whatever you have to do, you don’t have to sit and spray and spray.
The only time when you use a little bit more is like day 2 at a show or you got some wave curly coat and you’re trying to get the curls out of it, you can put a little bit more hydrating spray, brush the hair against the grain and then flip it back over and this will help take some of the curl out of that coat, this is a great anti-static spray as well, this stuff is amazing, a light little mist, when you got a lot of electricity in the air, you’ll see that electricity just be gone, the other thing that this is fantastic for is de-matting an animal coat, tail or horse’s manes if you got an animal that got tons of matts in there, you put the hydrating spray in there and then you come in with your comb and you’ll put this in where the matt is, you take the hydrating spray, spray a light little mist in there and then you’ll take a slicker brush or a boar/nylon brush and you start working that matt out and you’ll find those matts are going to come right out when you do this. The whole Panagenics line is designed to be used together, so once again if you think you gone fix your animal by using the best shampoo available for any breed and then using other products that’s not going to work. You use the Panagenics conditioner, leave it in as long as possible then the Panagenics shampoo, then come in with the Panagenics hydrating spray and this is all you need.
For many many years, we have been taught that hair is very precious and we always want to hydrate that hair before we use a tool on it, like a brush or comb so we don’t break it. The problem that we found out, when we creating the Panagenics line, is that water actually is part of most of the problems because the pH on it is so high on the alkaline side that it is liftin the cuticles up, it softening the hair it is doing all things we don’t want to do but yes it hydrates for a really short period, while were brushing were not breaking that but it does so many other things on a long term damage, so that’s one of the reasons why we developed the hydrating spray. It is not going to turn your cuticles up, it’s not going to alter the coat where it makes a hard coat softer or a soft coat harder, it is not going to add to stains and things like that, this is going to be an all-round better use any time you’re using a tool you do the light mist of the hydrating spray.
One of the biggest most common problems out there are tear and urine stains, you would take and you would hydrate that by putting the Panagenics conditioner in, you can put it on a queue tip, robe it in there, robe it with your fingers, let that sat overnight, then the next day, on dry coat, don’t add water yet, we want to have all this in so it is protecting as much as possible before we do add the water, that will add damage to a coat because this will minimize that damage, so step 2 I put on a queue tip the shampoo, I massage that in there, rinse that out, dry it and after it is dry I put the conditioner back in and let it sit in there and if you repeat that process, you’re going to see those foot stains going away, you gone see those tear stains going away, you gone see those stains in the creases, you gone see the urine stains going away, females in season that is not going to stain, you know all those problems are going to be solved with no long term damage or any damage whatsoever. It’s not going to irritate the eye, there is no harsh chemicals on here, going back, our lab is FDA approved, it does a lot of the top products in the world, it’s all made in a clean room but one of the things of Panagenics is that this list of ingredients needs to be the highest quality that you can find and their suppliers are certified and registered so you know where they getting all the ingredients from so it is not cheap ingredients from any part of the world or where they doing bad things of deforce station or anything like that. We can track all those ingredients, so it is high quality and consistent all the time so it is not that you gone get Panagenics today and then all of a sudden 2 years from now something changed, it is gone be very consistent always high quality.


More information about Panagenics products
& Panagenics Texture Crystals

No fragrances, no dyes, the ingredients are so good that many people have told that after they done bathing the animal that their hands feel great, where a lot of times when your bathing a group of animals your hands are dry and the fragrance is over powering you, well the animals noses is so much more sensitive than ours and their skin is a lot more sensitive than ours too, so if this is doing this to your nose and to your hands you can imagine what it is doing to their skin. If somebody’s using Panagenics and says oh my animal is itching, well it is not something in the Panagenics as far as the ingredients goes but there might be a situation where there is a irritation on the skin and Panagenics is now starting to help heal that and a lot of times when you get a healing process you feel a little itchy in that one place, a lot of time when you dealing with stuff like yeast and things like that, so I would venture to say that you are getting something like that, inspect that skin and you are probably find that there is an irritation on that from whatever a tool or something you have done before but there is nothing in this for the animal or person or a cat or a horse to be allergic too, inside this.
It got Aloe Vera in it, it got Epson salt in it, it got everything to help heal those problems, apple cider vinegar, so there is a lot of great ingredients in the Panagenics products. If you got animals with skin issues with hair/coat issues with anything like that, it will fix those problems and not causing irritations,
For yourself if you want to see how Panagenics really works then before you go to bed put the Panagenics conditioner in your hair, massage it all the way to the skin, then come in the next day when you wake up, put the Panagenics shampoo, massage it all the way to the skin, go cook breakfast, watch your favorite TV show, jump in the shower, rinse this out, you will be amazed how easy this rinses out and when your brushing and drying your hair light little mist of the hydrating spray but you probably don’t need the texture crystals unless you’re going in for a hair show or something like that.


Texture Crystals

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