The Panagenics Line

The questions, answers and details about the Panagenics Line.

Why are there so many different types, brands of shampoo’s, conditioners and other products, to clean, to fluff, to condition, to hydrate, to remove stains, remove odor, to pop the colors etc. hair/fur and coat of an animal. Most of these products contains heavy detergents and oil which makes the results feels greasy and on a longer term will do more harm to the dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses or any animal with a coat, hair or fur.

It is for the manufacturer and brand companies benefits that everybody use a particular cosmetic grooming product for that particular animal (dog, cat, bird, rabbit, horse or any animal with a coat, hair or fur). What we see in the industry is that many of these manufacturers have multiply “different or various” cosmetic grooming products e.g. for dogs, for a particular breed, with a particular coat, for that particular color. Which resulted that we ended up with a lot of different shampoos, conditioners and tagalong products to clean, to improve or to condition or make it look more shinier or do whatever what with an animals coat. But why?

Basically there are only a few fundamental ingredients needed in a shampoo or conditioner to call it a shampoo or conditioner. That is why Panagenics has 1 conditioner and 1 shampoo for all breeds.
You can find all our ingredients listed right on the side of the bottle.

Everybody applies the regular cosmetic products as they are used to do it:
On a wet coat, shampoo (apply on hair, wash and rinse out) then conditioner (apply on wet hair after the shampoo, leave in for few minutes 2 à 3) rinse out, dry the coat with a hairdryer and some of us use hairfoam or hairspray on the coat and were done.

The Panagenics Line is designed in 4 simple steps:
Step 1 the conditioner, step 2 the regular shampoo, step 3 the hydration spray and step 4 the texture crystals, if you’re not showing your animal or it is a hairless species on the skin you don’t need step 4. Anything with hair whether its short or long then you use this for step 4.

Our conditioner is the foundation of the Panagenics Line. If somebody wants to improve an animals coat and they want to use just the conditioner, it will do a lot of great things. But if you use a different brand shampoo that’s not design to complement this then you going to take 1 step forward then 2 steps backwards, That’s why it is better to use all 3 (or 4) items for any animal or species with a coat, hair or fur. The Panagenics Line is designed that all these products are complement to each other.

It’s going to into the cortex, the inside of the hair and it’s going to hydrate and feed this will help you fix, wave, kinky, curly coats, it also has some properties in it that will makes your whites whiter, it will help remove the stains, it is going to be a slower process then some of the other products out there but there are some many bad things that happens when you bleach out hair or use some of the products out there where dogs turn purple or blue or whatever and it’s hard to fix that once you have created that problem.

When you look at our formula, we have used, 4 basic ingredients that really helps repair, restore, improve and maintain the coat.
Our 4 basic ingredients are:
Epsom salt, Citrus, Apple cider vinegar, Aloe Vera:

Epsom Salt removes old oils on the outside of the hair/coats of animals, gives volume, removes odor and lice.

Citrus helps balance pH levels (Panagenics is a neutral based Shampoo
pH 5.5 – 6.5) animals need neutral base so they don’t break coats and so it grows properly. In addition citrus, it will take out stains naturally and return coat to its natural color.

Aloe Vera is incredibly good for the hair/coat itself (natural properties of the plant) and as important it stops dryness of the skin and itching as well (this is why you see it in so many anti dandruff shampoos) .

Apple cider vinegar balance Sebum pH, antibacterial and anti-fungal, cleans and clarifies hair, adds natural body, de-entanglement of coat, adds shine, reduces porosity (very important), stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss and prevents split ends.