Miami, 11th June 2018,

Dear Panagenics User,

First, we would like to apologize to all of our Panagenics Users for any confusion caused by recent posts or statements. We, Panagenics had not responded to these statements as we were bound by our legal obligation. However, we are now ready and able to speak on the matter.

Our response is solely based on upcoming litigation and facts. Eric Salas does not own or has ever had stock in Panagenics. Documentation from  attached. 

We confirm that Mr. Salas is no longer affiliated with Panagenics. Due to the separation, we will be removing his name from all of our: Bottling, Grooming Tools all Promotional materials in the near future. In addition, our website will also be re-structured, but our web address will remain the same:

For the USA:

For Europe:

The formula to Panagenics is owned and manufactured by Panagenics. We will NOT be changing any ingredients (or quality of ingredients) to our formula. Panagenics will continue to use our FDA approved lab for the manufacturing of all conditioner, shampoo and hydration products.

We will update all distributors, and customers as the changes occur. We do not want to cause any additional confusion to the customer.

The reason for separation:

Please read the attached documentation on our website. It will enlighten you as to why we have made this decision.


Please treat any information obtained from another website or social media outlet as false and or misleading. If you have any questions or concerns, please email: or or

If you are to receive phone calls due to this case they should be considered false or misleading.

Thank you very much,


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